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Tuesday, July 10th 2012

6:22 PM

Bikini preteen gallery


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The trolley pulled into the next station and stopped. Through the cries of, "coming through" and the jostling at the doors, we remained tight together cock against cock. Finally the doors closed and the packed trolley lurched forward again. It began its rhythmical sway, and we kept in time pushing our cocks together. I could feel the heat of his cock through my shorts and I knew he could feel my heat. My cock grew erect and was now sticking straight out against my shorts. I was so turned on that I did not care all those people were around. I felt daring, even reckless. He must have picked up on this, as he raised himself up on his toes and squeezed my cock between his thighs, his own cock boring into my abdomen as we swayed together to the next station. We came to a halt about fifty yards from the station. There were several trolleys stopped in front of ppreteen dreams us, making for a long delay. He opened his thighs and moved back, and my cock sprang up. Once again he pushed forward forcing my cock straight up, its swollen head nearly pushing out above the elastic of my shorts. Then I felt his strong fingers against my outer thigh just below my shorts. They moved possessively across the front of my thigh, till they were between my legs. Then last 50 preteen he squeezed the inner thigh of my other leg with his whole hand. Suddenly he yanked my shorts. My heart started to pound when I realized my whole cockhead was now protruding above my shorts. When I felt his hand moving up under my shorts I began to tremble. All day at the preteen nudist russians library I had been struggling with my thesis, constantly playing with myself whenever the going became tedious. I had made my balls so sensitive. Here they were now full and firm hanging down just above advancing fingers. It felt like an electric shock when he touched them and I raised myself up on tiptoes to get away, but the light stroking of his fingers felt wonderful. I lowered myself down on his hand, and his cupping and squeezing drove me wild. Because we were stopped, he no longer needed to hold the overhead rail for balance with his hand. He placed it on my hip, moving it across the front of my shorts till it found my cock. I could hardly stand it; one hand outside my shorts working my cock, the other inside my shorts working my preteens desnudas balls. I felt his thumb and forefinger moving up my cock on opposite sides. I began to squirm as bare thumb and forefinger reached bare cockhead. He looked into my eyes and smiled and squeezed my throbbing cockhead. I gasped and continued to squirm as he rubbed the tip of my cock with his thumb opening the slit. Precum poured out soaking gallery photograph preteen his thumb. He brought his thumb to his mouth and licked it, quickly returning his hand to my cockhead, again working the slit open with his thumb. He twisted my cockhead with his fingers, once more getting his thumb soaked with precum. 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Monday, July 9th 2012

12:00 AM

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